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Sessions with Amy are the best.  She creates a space that feels safe and comfortable and uses techniques and styles that really support my body and my whole self.  It feels like therapy meets bodywork, and it makes my life more manageable.

Angela B.

Amy Sund is a rarely gifted massage therapist.  She combines deep knowledge of technique, skilled and intuitive touch and a caring approach to add up to a truly holistic experience. 

I always love how Amy begins each session by inviting me to relax into the table, be present and know that this time belongs to me.  It sets the stage for the remaining time.

Amy always wants to focus on any areas of pain or stress.  I spend much of my working day on my feet and her therapy is very effective at relieving the pain in my legs and feet.

Amy has such talented hands that she is able to work deep into muscles without it feeling like I am being poked and prodded, as has been my experience with other, less skilled therapists. 

Amy is also a very interesting person and I always enjoy our conversation.

Robert H.

Amy helped me through some very difficult times and I will always be grateful.  She works without judgment and it's felt.  Her skills, experience, and understanding set her apart and create a space that feels free, supportive and sometimes life changing.


Amy (my mom) helps me with releasing stress in my shoulders and my feet. She is very talented in so many ways. When she is there it makes the space feel calming and positive/supportive. When she is done I feel like I can focus more and pay attention to more things around me. Her massages are so helpful anytime

my kiddo (unprompted)

Amy Sund has been instrumental in guiding me on my path to the practice of yoga.  Her calm and steady voice and reassuring demeanor has made it a wonderful experience for me each time she has led me through a routine online or in person . She is an excellent teacher and has always made sure of my comfort level and has tailored our poses to address my needs. She explains the poses and has a very nice flow to her routine. I would highly recommend her to anyone for her guidance in practicing yoga, she is great to work with and makes yoga fun and challenging in all the right ways.  I am really lucky to have had the pleasure of being taught by such an amazing and skillful person.

Charles A.

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