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*Bite Sized*

Could it be almost 3 years since I last wrote a blog post? With my ambitions of monthly, maybe weekly posts, where did the time go?

If time is known for one thing- it's that it happens. It happens and it keeps happening.

If I take the time to reflect, I recognize how much I've managed to accomplish and keep up with these last years! And as a single mom in multiple directions, I'm grateful to make it to the end of the day intact. But it can also be easy for some of us to feel a sense of defeat when we see particular goals that have sat waiting for us, collecting dust for what seems like so long.

If you've ever had those moments of disappointment, I invite us all to shake it off! Literally, to get up (or find whatever position you're in) for a few seconds and shake (safely) your arms, legs, whole body- think floppy noodle, wet puppy, a modern dance moment. Maybe find a favorite dance song and shake it out from start to finish.

Sometimes it's helpful for our nervous systems to actually- literally- shake things off via movement. Just a few seconds can make a big difference!

Another invitation is to play with bite sized goals. Bite sized efforts related to a goal can be easier to accomplish for many folks with full plates, and can feel manageable.

Spend 2-5 minutes stretching in the morning if longer feels too much. Stretch for 30 seconds 3x a day. Take a sip of water here and there to hydrate and consider it an excellent gift towards self care. Make one effort towards something that has multiple steps for planning. Maybe find an accountability buddy! (It's part of what I do with clients sometimes :). Some goals may need to wait in line, too, (because that's the only option sometimes), and that's ok.

Most of all, celebrate the bite sized efforts! Celebrating bite sized efforts sends a message to your nervous system that "this is happening"- and that message alone can make the activity/effort more accessible to the nervous system, more familiar, which may allow your goals to be in closer reach.

Please remember to go easy on yourselves, do what you can, and keep going!

Feel free to share any tips, ideas or comments with me, too :).


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