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Two Truths

There are always at least two truths to every story. Everything is connected and works together. In your body, in relationships, in communities, in ecosystems. Let this be a relief, not a nuisance, let it be a liberation from a need to be right, a forgiveness for other perspectives, a SOFTENING into acceptance and awareness. Perhaps you had a strong belief once that over time shifted and changed. Even when you are right, someone else with a different perspective may also be right. If I am standing at one end of a statue and you are on the other end, we could argue about what we see as being more true than the other person‘s view. Or we could walk around, take a glimpse, and recognize there is more to every story than just what we at first know. Let this help you pause, help you release tensions, help you drop into surrendering. We can share our truths, but they may not always be received. Patience helps. And goodness knows sometimes our truths lie in juicy evidence and what we see as fact, but perhaps if we soften, we will understand at least somewhat about what diverse angle and perspective another is coming from. And maybe we can all make time to show each other, in our own ways, with messages that invite curiosity and understanding. And when I call my cousin across the earth, and she tells me it's night when I know certainly that it's day, we won't argue, we will listen, and we will understand.

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