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In Breath Out Breath

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Have you ever tried to release all the air in your lungs? Not to the point that it feels dangerous, but giving an exhale an extra oomph at the very end? Just as clutter is cleared from a space, imagine the out breath as being an opportunity to release extra stuff you might be holding onto, knowing there's always a moment for renewal. This is the only moment, this is it, and here it is again. Remnants, memories, scars and effects from the past live on, and we rely on the reality of the future and benefit from planting seeds of care and consideration for the time to come, but this is the only moment. If it's comfortable, give yourself permission to release and invite in, let yourself renew again and again, with our constant companion of breath as a tool, as a reminder of what we carry in the region of our chests, in our breath, in our hearts. If the air is comfortable and clear to fully breath in, what a blessing, take a nice deep inhale. And if air is not feeling clear or easy, is there a way to make it more tolerable? I use incense if there are uncomfortable smells, wear a scarf over my mouth that has some lavender oil on it (if you have access to essential oils), or go to wooded/natural areas that feel safe and good- even if it's just a nearby tree or plant sprouting from concrete. Mushrooms that grow also rely on oxygen and release carbon dioxide, just as we do, which reminds me how connected we are to everything. If you are reading this, sips of breath are here, the waves, maybe we can ride them right now. I want you to be comfortable.

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